Physiologic Vascular Testing
& Interpretation

These certifications ensure proper use of the Unetixs Revo 1100x by technicians and physicians and are valid for two years. 

  • The Physiologic Vascular Testing certification exam for technicians consists of seven modules each containing a short video followed by a quiz. Technicians must complete all modules successfully to receive the certification. 
  • The Physiologic Vascular Testing & Interpretation certification for physicians consists of the Physiologic Vascular Testing exam PLUS submission of waveform interpretations for board review. 

Ready to get started? Please register for an account, login, and then return here to purchase the appropriate certification exam(s). Technicians should purchase ONLY the Physiologic Vascular Testing exam. Physicians should purchase BOTH the Physiologic Vascular Testing exam AND the Physiologic Vascular Interpretation exam. Discounts are available for additional exam purchases.

PAD and Risk Factors

Physiology and Anatomy of Lower Extremity

Preparing for the Study

Proper ABI Technique Using PVR Waveforms

Proper ABI Technique Using Doppler Waveforms

Proper Toe Waveforms and Toe Pressure Techniques 

ABI Pressures and Waveform Interpretation

Ten case studies for review.